INTERNAL ORGANS EXTERNAL – Apocalyptic Domination

One man projects have always fascinated me in terms of consistency, deliverance and dedication whether it be bands like Putrid Pile or Rendered Helpless, Arizona’s Internal Organs External was born in 2019 by the man himself Vince Otero and created the debut EP on Vicious Instinct Records titled Apocalyptic Domination. Musically, this is a paradise for any fans of brutal death, slam and deathcore since the melodies, compositions, instrumentals and production featuring catchy guitar riffs, structures, guttural vocals, great drum sequences and bass sounding crystal clear as it can be, Vince’s ability and understanding to make the brutal death metal and slam come to life as his contributions and musicality as concerned have brought other mixtures to this monstrous EP.

From the heart pounding blast beat drum fillers, vocal ranges from the guttural lows, high pitched screams and velocity sounding aggressive as ever before, there’s no denying that his endeavors and homework have paid off extremely well and personally, this ep demonstrated his personality and compassion making the music feel appropriate and staying its welcome. From the moments you hear tracks such as S.S.M [Slam Saved Me] and Grotesque Monstrosity to the punishing blows of Cannibalistic Tendencies, these songs provide a naturalistic approach where every instrumental gives it a nice touch to give the listener a sense and experience Vince’s experimentation to see what he’s capable of not as a individual but a talented musician all around.

Even certain moments of hearing the ep, I hear strong influences from Internal Bleeding, Devourment, Parasitic Ejaculation, Aborted Fetus and even some Stillbirth in the mix due to the uncompromisingly heavy arrangements that give a groovy, catchy and fulfilling melodic passages that satisfied my listening pleasure and for that I’m very excited what his next album is gonna sound like in due time. Apocalyptic Domination may only be an ep but for fans of slam, brutal death and deathcore will find something rightfully at home with this behemoth of a release.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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