Grant The Sun – Voyage Album Review

Expanding Boundaries: Grant The Sun Redefines Progressive and Post-Metal in Their Debut Album Voyage

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One of the best things about heavy metal is when you can’t exactly fit a band into a particular genre or
sub-genre. In my experience, it’s that mark of a good band. With the expansion of metal over the years,
it’s getting harder to put bands into these little boxes, which I think is a really great thing. Grant the Sun
is definitely a band expanding on what we think progressive and post-metal can be on their first full-
length album, Voyage.


Grant the Sun has all of the classic earmarks of a progressive and/or post-metal band. Voyage has great
polyrhythmic riffs with plenty of groove for all of the head and neck bobbing your body can stand. The
album has very entrancing melodies and ambient moments weaving throughout. And, of course, some
heavy djent chugs to round it all out. Grant the Sun has an interest approach to vocals as well on
Voyage. They do have a lot of what you would expect from a band like this. There are some clean vocals
in a very midrange tone as well and some more fierce guttural- like screams, but those moments are
sparse. That is not to say it is a bad thing either. It feels more like Grant the Sun chose to place them in
specific moments to it the music giving the vocals a more “part of the whole” feel instead of sounding
more forward in the mix.

Voyage is an album that can be enjoyed piecemeal without feeling like you are missing anything, but I
think it deserves a full listen through to really get the full picture Grant the Sun is trying to paint. Voyage
is extremely layered in its sound. It feels and sounds like they took the time to ensure the mix was
absolutely perfect to create on cohesive sound. If you are a fan of bands like Intronaut or Spotlights,
Voyage is a must listen.

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Overall Score: 9/10

Reveiw by: Dan Perretta


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