VULVODYNIA – Praenuntius Infiniti

At this point of time you all should know Vulvodynia is in which in my opinion are one of the biggest names in extreme metal today. From the Lords Of Plague EP to 2016’s astonishing album of Psychosadistic Design, Vulvodynia are have been getting massive attention getting worldwide success across Slam Worldwide, deathcore, brutal death and its subgenres making the band one of the most discussed artists in the 21st century. Now signed with Unique Leader Records, Praenuntius Infiniti is the fourth full-length album and is the continuation of the last release, Mob Justice. Lyrically and musically, this is Vulvodynia’s rebellious, heaviness and well produced albums in their career as the album feels more in the veins of a technical point of view as I feel that each album they’ve created sounds different musically in comparison to other bands who are similar to Vulvodynia’s soundscapes.

However, From ultra-churned combinations of blended powered forces, infused technicality, dynamism of Slam-filled riffs and deeply forced overdoses of sophisticated abolitionists chemistries, this album manages to keep their sound a much more heavier structured and monotonous atmosphere as the variations enlightened of insanely talented musicianship keeps progressivism a matured tone approach. But with that being said, Praenuntius Infiniti already closes the album with the finest exceptions what brutal death metal can borrow from and that’s execution in terms of genetic, challenging and menacing heaviness does provide the listener a natural expressionism based on alternatives how Vulvodynia pulls off their latest album is simply well put, a musical direction that worked fantastically well.

What’s special about Vulvodynia is not only their instrumentations are filled with animalistic vocalizations, deathcore style highs, squeals and guttering lows but the amount of talent presented here within Vulvodynia’s psychology is surely phenomenal. If you enjoyed past Vulvodynia releases, Praenuntius Infiniti is a improvement of slam-filled oriented complexities that will make the listener completely mindfucked and understand the importance of what brutal death metal showcases here.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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