PEELING FLESH – Slamaholics Mixtape

Buckle up kids this one gets bumpy. Peeling Flesh released this killer EP with a title good enough to attract any slam fan. Now for 10 minutes and 58 seconds you wouldn’t think this EP would offer the thrill ride that it actually does but with two heavy features from Traumatomy and Pintglass, you know it’s going to get wild. Start to finish my neck didn’t stop with this one, it’s aggressive as hell from the opening bell and they do not hold back. For being an EP, they did a fantastic job of getting us amped for a full length.

Digging deeper into the music the drums and guitar work play a huge roll in slam and this is one of those extremely well done projects that’s aggressive but still has that head bang flow to it and not so much all over the place. The vocals in slam obviously is what strays most people from the genre but again you have to have a certain sound to make it work and this guy on the mic delivered with no remorse. The edgy guitar riffs and slam style drums blended into a beatdown style is not something you hear often, typically it’s either overly aggressive or it’s not aggressive enough to be considered slam but these guys knocked it out of the park!




Overall Score: 10/10
Review by Ryan Arcicovich



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