DECIMATED HUMANS – Decimation 2018

As bands move forward in their careers, some choose to change what they want to be as a band. A recent example of this is Decimated Humans, who on their recent demo, retain their brutality, but change their style to a more straight brutal death sound with old school deathcore vibes. “Revulsion of Everything” kicks this thing off, and the first thing you’ll notice is the production. It’s rough, but in a way that suites this type of music perfectly. This track features some brutal riffs, as well as some old school deathcore influence. Other genres that influence this band are shown in the following track, “Bodies Rendered on the Screen”. This one is faster, and takes a lot of inspiration from old school death metal.

There’s some great vocals and some tight writing that shows that this band is something special. The last original track is “Overture in Barbaric Mutilations”, which feels slightly weaker than the previous two, but is still a solid slab of brutality and shows that, if this promo is any indication of their future sound, this band can do no wrong. After this, there is a remix of the third song on here, and while it is pretty eerie, it feels unnecessary. If you want to check it out, go ahead, it’s an interesting song, but not a must listen. However the three original tracks on here are, at least for any fans of brutal music. This is definitely a band to keep and eye out for.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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