CRIES OF SAINTS – Eternal Requiem

Cries of Saints is a two piece slamming death metal band that released their debut EP titled Eternal Requiem back in August of 2021 and I’m ashamed I’m just now getting a good listen on it. Hailing from Spain, these guys really bring the sauce in this five track debut, even featuring one of my personal favorite bands Counteractt. It has a melodic yet heavy opening track which does not set an example of what the rest of the EP sounds like which I actually found awesome. The range in a five track EP is always exciting so you can hear the bands whole sound and not just one distinction of their overall sound.

Now the rest of the EP is just an all out aggressive slugfest of drums and guitars but the vocals actually is what gets me and let’s be honest not a lot of slam bands are known for their awesome vocals but this guy brings a different intensity to it also known as the pterodactyl screams in my book. That extra rap on top of the screams just gives it that edge to make it a more unique sound. Now as far as my favorite track on the album I have to go with Celestial Chasm. This is the beast of the EP for me, this really shows how gnarly their sound can be it’s quite F I L T H Y to say the least. Excited to hear more from these guys for sure and I easily give this slamming metal EP a 10/10.



Overall Score: 10/10
Review by Ryan Arcicovich



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