After Darkwoods My Betrothed reemerged from the depths of doom after a 23-year dormancy with their first single, “In Evil, Sickness And In Grief”, off the upcoming album, Angel Of Carnage Unleashed (out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records), the Finnish foursome takes it up a notch with their second single, “Murktide And Midnight Sun”.

Darkwoods My Betrothed on their new single:

“It was very important for us when choosing the singles off the new album to demonstrate the versatility of our sound: how we can put forward a blasting black metal carnage with tortured shrieks and follow that up with an epic anthem with clean vocals – and the two songs definitely sound like the same band. Epic songs and clean vocals have always been part of our trademark sound and “Murktide And Midnight Sun” is absolutely one of the finest and catchiest epic anthems that we have recorded.”



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