ARCHSPIRE – Bleed The Future

Four albums into their career, Canada’s technical death metal sensationalists Archspire are perhaps one of the absolute best in the genre known for their hard-working efforts in creating such relentless, technical and speedy style of technical death metal has surprised many fans, myself included that’s been following these musicians since their last album in 2017 Relentless Mutation. Now in 2021, Bleed The Future is the fourth full-length recording and is released through Season Of Mist.

Now, if you’re familiar with Archspire’s musical ability, influences and style of technical death metal, chances are you’re likely gonna expect the expected out of this wonderfully crafted and astonishing pieces of music. From their blisteringly-fast, technical compositions and inhuman styled vocals, Bleed The Future adds more flair, dynamics and atmospheric passages propagating their modernized and constructed style of technical death metal. From the moments you hear tracks such as Golden Mouth of Ruin, A.U.M. (Apeiron Universal Migration) and Drain of Incarnation to the explosive dynamics and arrangements of Drone Corpse Aviator, introduces mixed bass tones, inherent brutality and a imagery so beyond explicit, these Canadians utilizes a science-fiction-based horror narrative so perfectly descriptive that the album also portrays touches on various themes including the song Acrid Canon for instance uses technological, technical, progressive and transforming instrumentals that immerses the listener into a extraterrestrial lifeform.

But the secondary half of this release in particular introduces rapid firing vocals, razor-sharped guitars, stylistic and mechanical harmonics that builds up massive intensity and sufficiently speaking, it’s absolutely bone crushing start to finish. If Relentless Mutation was heavy, Bleed The Future marks memorable and throttled experiences that is highly recommended to any technical death metal fan or Archspire in general.




Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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