VAHRZAW – The Trembling Voices Of The Conquered Men

Throughout the years of extreme metal, the blackened death metal community has been really paying a lot of attention with many artists on the horizon to find innovative and artistic ideas to make the music as exhilarating, heavy and explosive. Meet Vahrzaw, a blackened death metal band from Australia who’s been around the underground scene since the 90’s and while their blend of both death metal and black metal may not seem original or creative so to speak, this new record does offer some amazingly crafted songs in which this album is released once again through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Stylistically, Vahrzaw’s ability to incorporate blackened death metal compositions while also balancing some thrash metal signatures and almost progressive undertones at times, this is a highly experimented and well balanced album that immediately caught me by a instant surprise. The fact Vahrzaw’s ability to utilize atmosphere is just fantastic as several songs on here do contain melodic signatures within the songwriting in which this case demonstrates the black metal compositional work to be mixed in authentically as the vocals, bass, drums and production balances out progression and a mesmerizing quality to the band’s advantage truly is sensational.

One of the highlighted features upon listening to this album was matter of fact the variety, the listener could expect a huge turnaround in which the secondary half of The Trembling Voices Of The Conquered Men sounds more comfortable than ever and I feel the death metal influences on the record does show its nature on how fast, chaotic and adrenaline sounding which makes the contents of the record keeps continuing to push even further without losing its sense of emotion and character. The album sounds great though a little bit unbalanced due to the lack of a couple heavier tracks but that doesn’t entirely mean the album loses its innovation to Vahrzaw’s creation. The most interesting aspects of the previous works, like the mix of styles and variety, are still there but with a more mature sound. The Trembling Voices Of The Conquered Men is still capable of creating short by dynamic pieces which are pleasure for our ears.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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