CARNIS IMMORTALIS – The Ecstasy Of Death

This album absolutely melts your face! Carnis Immortalis have been working on this album for years and it’s finally here and you can absolutely tell the labor that these guys put into this second release but let’s talk about how insane this album is right off the bat. Five seconds in and my face was on the floor. Talk about coming out of the gate swinging, these guys go straight gas no brakes for the rest of the album. Yeshua’s command is the perfect track to set the tone of how the rest of the album is, scorching riffs, speed filled drums and sinister sounding vocals are all great examples of what you are in store for on top of every track being damn near six minutes except one the boys really put heart and soul into every song.

Personally I was stuck on “That of Which Calls to Me… the Ecstasy of Death” being the slowest track off the album, it still maintains that heavy feel with a lot more melodic guitar work and vocals that are a little darker in my opinion, it’s a great track that showcases the bands range on their instruments that I had on repeat for awhile. Throughout the album the vibe does slow down as a sort of intermission, “Wings of Nibiru” for example has a killer groovy part on it that I can’t get enough of, the guitar work and drums are fantastic together and then lead into more face melting aggression it’s the perfect blend, while “Gynaebolical” gives us a nice little bass line joined by guitars and drums and progressively getting heavier it’s another great blend of the range in sound these guys have. Now on the other hand “Decaying Sun” has an absolutely killer shred intermission and I mean KILLER the guys go hard as f*ck for a straight minute and a half it’s a must hear.

Overall I give it a 20/10 because I know the passion these guys put into this album and to finally see it all come to light and having an album release show in a week it’s awesome to finally hear what they were working on all this time, three years this album has been in the works, congratulations to the boys for finally getting their baby finished.



Overall Score: 10/10

Review by Ryan Arcicovich



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