HATE – Tremendum

Formed in 1991 from Warsaw, Poland HATE are a death metal band who’s had some numerous lineup changes in the past and the best description of their sound would be a catatonic, satanic, hatred, darkened and anti-Christianity themed style of blackened death metal. Prior to 2015’s Crusade: Zero, Tremendum is the tenth full-length album and was released through Napalm Records on May 5th, 2017. Right off the bat, Tremendum continues the vicious path by conveying their extreme sound as the album’s presentation polarizes to create a mysterious, unadulterated and filtered album that uses blackened death metal signatures, Behemoth-esque vocal patterns and instrumentals are the shining factor for this album.

From their provocative lyrics and severe sound, this Polish band opens up the album with the track Auric Being, a song representing HATE’s emotional, theoretic and carrying the torches into the darkest, coldest and isolated displays the band has done in recent memory. Then onto the album we hear Svarog’s Mountain, almost reminiscent of Septic Flesh and Katakylsm as Tremendum’s production and mixing departments are bombastic, inviting, ancient and menacing as the guitars, vocals, bass and drum work all showcases a reveal so disturbing that their composition work is really the highlight upon hearing this album. Apart from Crusade: Zero, Tremendum keeps the listener energized, entertained and captivated while maintaining such stamina and crushing the innocence of souls buried below into the cataclysmic speeds just in bursts your body. Lastly, Tremendum is a headbanging album that introduces a new beginning for HATE as the album will definitely keep your eardrums shivered and pierced into the ceaseless talent they continued to deliver once again to create a perfecting touch of blackened death metal.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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  1. A nice review on a band that never received the notoriety it deserves. It’s one of those bands that seems to be hidden in the background by all of the commercial bands that are out there.

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