CENTINEX – Redeeming Filth


Eight long years have passed since CENTINEX took over the death metal scene. Since their hiatus in 2006 and the release of World Declension in 2005, many have wondered when and if there will be a return from the Swedish death machines. Well we can now say that it was worth the long wait because Centinex has returned not only with this new album titled Redeeming Filth but they have also returned to their roots and continued from the days of their 1992 release Subconscious Lobotomy. This new release is like stepping into the golden days of true Florida death metal when the riffs led the music and the vocals were deep and grotesque gutturals.

After many years of great death metal bands coming and going, it is a relief to see the return of Centinex. The album jumps back into the feel of older style death metal. Right when the album starts with the song “When Bodies Are Deformed,” the riffs lead the way and the song instantly makes you feel like you’re at a 90’s era Death show. The following track “Moist Purple Skin” which was also a single, features a killer riff that even the death metal forefathers would bow to. From the past years, the band drew inspiration from both the grimy Stockholm scene and the more melodic-based Gothenburg, this release is just straight forward death metal, the way it should be.

Many bands have followed and imitated these styles but none can compare to Centinex. You will catch riffs that are both unique and reminiscent of the past but also progressively modern and catchy. The vocals could put older Cannibal Corpse to shame with the power and aggression that Alexander Högbom puts into them. A word of advice to those who have long awaited and anticipated this release, prepare to have your mind blown and your ears ready because this is truly a death metal masterpiece done right and hopefully other death metal bands will follow suit.


5.0 / 5.0


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