DARK FORTRESS Part Ways With Drummer

German black metallers Dark Fortress announce that next weekend’s performance at the California Deathfest will be the last one for drummer Seraph, with whom the band is parting ways after more than 20 years.

Dark Fortress commented:

”We can hardly believe it, but California Deathfest seems to happen for real next weekend! But not only because of the (obvious) circumstances California Deathfest will be a very special and meaningful show for us: This is our first show in over 2 ½ years, our first show in the United States ever, the very first show for our latest album Spectres From The Old World and… also the last show of our drummer Seraph who has been our brother in crime for the last two decades.

“Actually Seraph had “(in)officially” left the band already after the recordings of Spectres From The Old World and our good friend Hannes Grossmann was supposed to play all upcoming shows. But due to an injury Hannes was forced to cancel California Deathfest which at first seemed to leave us in a desperate situation regarding the show. Fortunately, Seraph, despite already having left the band, proved again that he is a fantastic guy and loyal friend and stepped in for Hannes. We see this situation with a laughing and a crying eye: On the one hand it is a pity that Hannes can’t be with us, on the other hand we are also excited to play one more time with Seraph and give him a proper farewell. And I think playing our first show on “the other side” of the Atlantic in the City of Angels is a pretty great setting for a proper farewell. Seraph, we bow to you, and thank you for 2 decades of awesomeness!”



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