Canadian technical death metal band First Fragment have arrived to create their 2016 full-length debut through Unique Leader Records titled Dasein. This album is everything you dreamed of from their frantic guitar riffs, intense bass work, and astonishing instrumental leads. Dasein is one of the best, if not, most enjoyable technical death metal albums I’ve heard in recent memory. Describing the songs, progression, and chemistry work from this Canadian Extreme Metal outfit is simply put, a fresh and exciting experience to listen to. Musically, Dasein focuses on compulsive, structured, and constituent components which makes the lyrical content absolutely magnificent from start to finish. Tracks including Le Serment de Tsion and one of the best instrumentals songs L’entite, incorporate Neo-classical guitars, European-style keyboard and piano sections, and distorted spoken words of the lyrics are some of the finest examples to showcase these Canadians provide quality over quantity to not only introduce their first ever debut full-length album but they’ve taken many inspirations for Technical Death Metal are very well deserved for their own essential craft.

Perhaps one of my favorite highlights off on Dasein is the amount of intelligence and organic musical frequencies. First Fragment’s Dasein is an album that promises to deliver mature, melodic, and malevolent displays of beautiful levels from the technical department as the album dives into a established, polished, and incredible replay value. These are some of the main reasons I enjoyed Dasein start to finish. From blackened symphonic territories, conjuring classical compositions reminiscent of Necrophagist and Spawn Of Possession, to the experimental, mid-tempo sections of Evhron, Dasien promises to capture landmarks well as exploring the band’s progressive and heavily improved material to date.

Overall, First Fragment’s Dasein is incredibly produced, well written, entertaining and dynamic albums that was released in 2016 and definitely recommended for Technical Death Metal fans who enjoy a creative, unique and captivating album that build a foundation to make the genre innovative and naturalistic. For fans of Beyond Creation, Necrophagist, Spawn Of Possession and Gorod will be heavily surprise to hear these dandy Canadian’s debut full-length.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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