SEVEN KINGDOMS Sign Worldwide Deal With Distortion Music Group

Seven Kingdoms have signed a worldwide record deal with Distortion Music Group for the release of Zenith album. Raising over $50,000, Seven Kingdoms successfully crowdfunded all associated costs with creating Zenith. During the crowdfunding time, the Florida-based four-piece was approached by Distortion Music Group. DMG is a new boutique record label helmed by industry veteran, Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm, Ex Deo). Iacono has also helped build two thriving touring agencies: Continental Touring in North America and Decible Touring in Europe, giving Distortion Music Group a big advantage in developing musical careers through the touring outlet.

Commented DMG CEO Maurizio Iacono on the signing:

“Today we are proud to announce the signing of Orlando area heroes Seven Kingdoms to the DISTORTION MUSIC GROUP family! I watched the band’s dedication and hard work grow Seven Kingdoms name and music to new heights during the last few years. I was impressed on their support performances during the latest Unleash The Archers tour where the band showed a growing fanbase and a killer live show! After hearing the new album, it was a no brainer for us to give the band the needed help to get them to the next level. Stand by for an adventurous melodic power metal ride that will rock your world!”

Commented guitarist Camden Cruz:

“We are very excited to announce this new partnership with DMG. We were approached by Maurizio about his new label and their new model that allows a band like us to still retain our current working DIY Financing Model – but gaining the power of having a label behind you in promotion. This is basically a distribution partnership where DMG is responsible for getting our CD and Digital releases promoted and released into the worldwide chain again. This is something we lacked as an independent artist. DMG will be pressing and selling our CD. The band will be pressing and selling the vinyl, directly, and we were able to use crowdfunding and handle our own finances, until we need to put CDs into the food chain. This is where DMG comes in. Maurizio has been influential in many big band’s successes, and we are thrilled to open new doors with DMG’s guidance, experience and push. We will sign the first 400 CDs we receive from DMG and these will be used to send to our backers! We are very excited for this year as we have so many things on the table. Maurizio has already helped us quite a bit, but its very cool that we get to take that next step forward with his team at DGM / Hard Impact. The future holds a lot of new and amazing opportunities for Seven Kingdoms, and we couldn’t be more excited!”



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