UNDEATH – It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave

Many death metal bands in the underground have committed themselves to become their own personal vendetta and New York’s Undeath are not only one of my many favorites in the current era of extreme music, but seeing them in September 2021 with Rivers Of Nilhil, The Black Dahlia Murder and Carnifex they’ve really won me over as one of the most standouts of all the years I’ve been attending to concerts. When 2020’s debut Lesions of a Different Kind came out, I was not only pleasantly surprised by how unique and versatile their soundscapes truly came to be but it showcased the band to bring everything they’ve got to the table and was a absolute banger front to back. Now in 2022, we have the sophomore full-length of It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave and is released through Prosthetic Records.

Now, their style is very gory, grimy and disgustingly heavy as these tracks demonstrates the listener to be in their world in what it appears to be the band’s most reckoning, experimented and crushing records to date. Everything from the cavernous guitar riffage, grainy textures of doomy inspired melodies and a production bringing that old school death metal movement sound that is so explosive and punishing you’ll definitely get a major kick in the gut in hearing such monstrous and filthy compositions that really sets the mood into this unsettling and constructing style of death metal.

The vocals, guitars, bass, drums and craftsmanship are all complimented with each other as every time signatures and arrangements does a great job keeping the fluidity and instrumentals a much more natural and visceral type of sound in which most of these songs such as Head Splattered in Seven Ways, Necrobionics, The Funeral Within and Trampled Headstones have this strong Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, Immolation and Tomb Mold influence going on as these musicians combined traditional and modernized death metal structures with a unique combination of imaginative chemistry and sensitive lyricism makes the songs much more aggressive in a sense these dudes created naturalistic signatures with beautiful arrangements which in my opinion makes the variations a much more enjoyable experience. From sharp, toned, and phenomenally crafted drumming to the polished production, It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave is a pummeling, diabolical and sensational record that not only met my expectations sky high but this is certainly one of the most impressive and highlighted records of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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