ABORTED – TerrorVision

There’s no denying that Belgium’s death metal band Aborted are one of the most consistant bands that’s been making top notch material for over 23 years throughout the band’s existence. With some minor lineup changes, Terrorvision is the long-awaited chapter for these musicians. Prior to 2016’s outstanding effort of Retrogore, Terrorvision incorporates three various genres Aborted’s known for doing which are grindcore, deathgrind and reminiscent melodic death metal Carcass-esque Heartwork era in the same vein which these subjective categories are easy equations into their natural song arrangements does not certainly make their song titles generic. Intelligently placed thrash picking guitar licks, visceral vocals and upfront drumming double bass techniques, these also set proper breakdowns and magnificently crafted infectious melodicism.

Terrorvision also introduces some popular faces including SepticFlesh’s vocalist Seth Siro Anton for the song “TerrorVision” well as Sebastian Grihm of Germany’s Cytotoxin and Benighted’s frontman Julien Truchan. For a eleven track album, Terrorvision incorporates different musicial components to past releases most notably Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done and 2012’s Global Flatline. Music wise, it’s traditional Aborted at their finest and strongest release to date as the tracks are darker, aggressive and polished. This album by Aborted contains heaviness, phenomenal production and everlasting distributions which that case Aborted studied Global Flatline and past releases containing more a death metal approach which suits their style uniquely well. The calculated musical arrangements of careening and everlasting brutality definitely showcases the maturity of how far they’ve came as a band and proved themselves to keep pushing further and further.

Lyrically, vocalist Sven De Caluwe is a terrific songwriter as his growls for extreme music sound extremely guttural and pays homage to Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre with tracks such as Visceral Despondency and Squalor Opera. Overall, Terrorvision by Aborted will certainly please any fans of death metal longtime fans will be up for a major surprise as they’ve never ceased to let me down.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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