ERNIA – How To Deal With Life And Fail

The grindcore genre has been around since the mid 1980s which is heavily influenced by heavy metal and hardcore punk. Ernia on the other hand, are a Spanish based grindcore band that not only have managed and perfected the soundscapes they’ve created but ultimately so, these musicians provide intricate bits and every track is demonstrated with something different to offer which to me this album is both refreshing, natural and riveting front to back. Ernia’s signature blend of grindcore is much more delving in which this case, their understanding of creating such sporadic and spastic style of extreme music to me this album is destructive, technical at times when it’s appropriate and the momentum remains unabated as these musicians throw so much to the listener making every song as diverse and heavy the more you listen to it numerous times.

Once again, Transcending Obscurity Records proved themselves that this label makes no exceptions bringing out their a game and for a band like Ernia who’s been around for quite sometime is perfectly suitable for their style and sound to find themselves right at home. Every song is structured very well alongside the instrumentation work is superb which granted, it ends up being utterly fascinating for a Spanish band like Ernia have created such a attractive, cathartic and expressive album. With many leads being unpredictable and goddamn catchy when it’s executed correctly, these 13 songs are packed with heaviness, technicality and even some traces of death metal inspired melodies giving every force to be reckoned with.

One of the best moments on this album is not only both the craftsmanship, creativeness and progressiveness Ernia have given us a album showing no mercy, but songs like Room Full Of Paper Cranes, This Life Is Rotten History, The Deer Chaser and A Mute Florist have these nasty breakdown segments as the songs are packed with energy, compassion and dedication to make the compositional work and arrangements become so versatile and commemorative. Even on other songs like Frustration Theory and Ikigai have a huge Pig Destroyer, Fuck The Facts and Full Of Hell influence with a much more noise-filled style of hardcore punk with these tempos are high-speed and abrasive sounding musical leads is very prevalent this day. How To Deal With Life And Fail is a powerhouse driven album that’ll make you headbanging beginning to end.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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