Cave Moth Announce EP “Paralytic Love”


Adderall-Driven Deathgrind/Mathcore Band Cave Moth Announces New EP “Paralytic Love”

Cave Moth, the genre-smashing band known for their chaotic and absurdist hymns, is excited to announce the release of their new EP, “Paralytic Love.” This latest addition to the Cave Moth discography will be officially released on Friday, April 14th.

“Paralytic Love” is a collection of eight songs that delve into the bleak present and even darker future. The EP is a testament to the band’s versatility and creativity, as they have successfully forged a schizophrenic middle ground between intricate musicianship and carefully crafted minimalism. The result is a genre-smashing fare that draws from mathcore, grindcore, hardcore, and death metal to create a musical audible assault on your brain.

Cave Moth’s unique blend of deathgrind and mathcore has been a staple of the underground metal scene since the early 2000s. With the resurgence of this genre in recent years, “Paralytic Love” is poised to make a big impact. The EP has been described as “the musical equivalent of a weird paranoid hug from one’s favorite local meth dealer and is not to be missed.”

Don’t miss out on this latest offering from Cave Moth. “Paralytic Love” will be available on all major streaming platforms on April 14th.

Fans of Maruta, Knoll, Pyrrhon, early-Ion Dissonance, and See You Next Tuesday 

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