Outergods – A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of Heaven

Outergods: Breaking the Mold with 'A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage Of Heaven' - A Unique Debut in Metal Music

In the world of music, first label releases often set the stage for a band’s journey. More often than not, these initial offerings leave room for improvement, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next release. Unfortunately, some bands disband after their first album due to tour difficulties or internal conflicts. This can be likened to the “Netflix effect” when a beloved show gets canceled, leaving viewers hanging after investing their time and emotions into it.

However, Outergods defies these norms. Their debut album on Prosthetic Records, titled ‘A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage Of Heaven,’ breathes fresh life into the metal scene. From the very start, it distinguishes itself with a mesmerizing blend of background effects, immersing listeners in an almost trance-like experience. The second track, ‘Into The Howling Void,’ particularly stands out, drawing you into a captivating groove.

‘Faceless Entities’ follows, featuring the band’s signature blast beats overlaid with their haunting drone effects, which weave through the album. The album’s sound is so engrossing that you may find yourself momentarily questioning if you’re hearing sounds beyond your headphones – a subtly eerie touch that adds to the listener’s overall experience.

If you have a penchant for horror movies or psychological dramas, ‘A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage Of Heaven’ will undoubtedly resonate with you. It can be described as audible schizophrenia – a captivating journey into the unknown.

Now, let’s delve into the backstory of Outergods. This UK-based band, formed in 2020 by Nathe Sinfield and Sam Strachan, emerged as an artistic outlet during the peak of the pandemic, a time of global uncertainty and turmoil. Sam notes that Nathe had a vision of creating a record that would push the boundaries of extremity while blending their favorite sounds, giving rise to the album’s evocative title.

Nathe, who was grappling with a significant personal loss, channeled his emotions into the album. He found solace in revisiting nostalgic memories, infusing them into ‘A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage Of Heaven.’ The album seamlessly combines elements of grindcore, black metal, death metal, and jam parts. The constant wall of sound, punctuated by relentless blast beats, enhances the allure of the groove and jam segments scattered throughout the album.

Outergods is a band destined for a bright future. Their debut album is a masterpiece that deserves a wide audience. It’s tastefully chaotic, refined yet raw, beautiful yet grotesque – a unique blend that sets them apart. Their refusal to conform to a mold challenges listeners and makes them stand out. As we eagerly await their next release, it’s clear that Outergods have a promising journey ahead.

Don’t miss out on ‘Outergods – A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage Of Heaven,’ available now through Prosthetic Records. Explore this musical odyssey and immerse yourself in their captivating universe.

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Outergods – A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage of Heaven

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by: George J Bauman




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