Cryptopsy’s ‘As Gomorrah Burns’

Cryptopsy's 'As Gomorrah Burns': A Brutal and Thought-Provoking Death Metal Masterpiece 10/10!

In the realm of metal, Cryptopsy’s comeback with “As Gomorrah Burns” is a seismic event that redefines brutality. After a decade-long hiatus, this Canadian extreme metal juggernaut returns with an album backed by Nuclear Blast Records, promising an auditory assault that leaves listeners craving more.

Right from the outset, the album’s sheer ferocity becomes evident. Tracks like ‘Flayed The Swine’ and ‘In Abeyance’ showcase unrelenting power and confirm Cryptopsy’s mastery of death metal. Each song is a relentless sonic onslaught, highlighting their unmatched skill and unwavering dedication to the genre.

What truly distinguishes Cryptopsy is their enduring presence over three decades, cultivating a devoted following. Notably, their last two albums were produced by guitarist Christian Donaldson, renowned for his outstanding contributions to the metal scene. A quick Google search reveals his impressive body of work.

As for “As Gomorrah Burns,” it ingeniously weaves the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah into the modern internet age. Cryptopsy fearlessly explores the darker aspects of the digital universe, diving headfirst into real-life incidents such as online stalking, cults, misinformation, isolation, and intimidation. These themes serve as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking behind our screens.

One standout track, ‘Godless Deceiver,’ encapsulates the album’s raw intensity and lyrical depth. Vocalist Matt McGachy’s storytelling prowess shines as he narrates the harrowing true story of Fabiane Maria de Jesus, unjustly murdered due to false online rumors. McGachy’s lyrics, though explicit and disturbing, brilliantly capture the chilling perspective of the mob, never questioning their heinous actions but acting in chilling unison.

Cryptopsy’s “As Gomorrah Burns” stands as a modern death metal masterpiece, a relentless sonic assault that challenges listeners both musically and intellectually. It forces us to confront the power and perils of the digital age, delivered with unwavering force. This album is a must-listen for metal enthusiasts seeking an uncompromising, thought-provoking, and intensely visceral musical experience. Cryptopsy has made a triumphant return, and “As Gomorrah Burns” unequivocally stands as their magnum opus.

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Overal Score: 10/10

Review by: George J Bauman IV


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