Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg For Death Album Review

Dying Fetus: A Masterclass in Technical Death Metal with 'Make Them Beg For Death' - A 10/10 Review

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There are so many different sub genres of metal it’s hard to keep track of and classify new bands popping up. Sometimes it feels like were just grabbing words and putting them together to look down on other metal lovers to feel superior. That’s an aspect of metal personally Ive never enjoyed. I’ve been listening to metal most of my teenage years and now into my later thirties I still get excited as I did when I was a teen finding out about a new band. There aren’t many bands other than a small handful that I listened to in the early 2000’s that are not only still pumping out music; but are still putting out great music.

Dying Fetus is one of a small number of bands that puts out a consistently brutal product. They essentially carved the path for Technical Death Metal that countless others and I draw upon for inspiration for their own musical projects. With each album release, there’s a constant motion of progression that also holds on to their distinctive laser focus style of writing. Make Them Beg For Death is Dying Fetus’s ninth studio album. It’s hard enough for bands in any metal genre to find the steam to make even half of that number of albums and yet Dying Fetus is on their ninth offering. They’ve cemented themselves as a staple for American Heavy Metal as well as Technical Death Metal.

 Make Them Beg For Death opens with ‘Enlighten Through Agony’ and it’s an adrenaline laced beatdown as soon as it starts. The traditional Dying Fetus guitar tone hits you right in the face but a little clearer and more distinct than previous offerings and they are backboned by a barrage of blast beats and tom fills overtop endless double bass runs. This is the theme for the entire album. ‘Compulsion For Cruelty’ is up next and the tempo starts slightly slower with a more groove approach. True to style; Dying Fetus loves to alternate between your standard Hyper Blast beats right into Traditional Blast beats with ease. Trey Williams really has outdone himself on his performance on this album.

‘Unbridled Fury’ is a nice throwback to the early 2000’s sound they had. It’s kind of reminiscent of Destroy the Opposition/Stop at Nothing era of the band. There’s a lot of trade offs between Sean Beasley and John Gallagher. These two sharing vocal duties have always been one of their best assets as a band. They work very well together in a mix since they both have their own unique and distinct sound.

Dying Fetus really have outdone themselves on Make Them Beg For Death. Staying true to their distinct sound; they recorded this album with longtime producer Steve Wright and had it mixed by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse). This is album every metal head needs to checkout for sure. Dying Fetus will be headlining a tour this fall with The Acacia Strain, Despised Icon, Creeping Death &more.

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Overal Score: 10/10

Review by: George J Bauman IV


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