Black metal is already an amazing genre but mix in atmospheric and melodic elements and you got yourself some really promising music to capture your attention the whole time. Florida based atmospheric black metal band Fortune In Exile does just that with their latest release titled Decay. Not much info can be found on this band but from our research, this is the third release in their six year span. This EP has a mix of everything from ambient keyboard melodies dancing over guitar solos to black metal shrills and shrieks that overlay blastbeats and tremolo picked riffs. Probably the most captivating essence of this EP is the use of keyboard work and minimalist instrumentation as the music speaks for itself without being too overbearing and over the top. Each track ties into the next beautifully without any parts sounding out of place or unnecessary. The only flaw is the guitars should be a bit louder but that is subjective to the listener and not a deal breaker at all since it is still enough to hear the great riffs and all other instruments.

The track Embrace Nothing is this release’s highlight as it blends both the atmospheric ambiance of the background melodies with moments of black metal passages that subside back into melancholic moments of otherworldly trance. Each track has it’s own personality and feel to it which makes Decay truly stand out from other atmospheric releases that are out there. There are really no major comparisons to make between this EP and any other band’s release as this one is truly something unique and refreshing as it is so beautiful to hear such simplistic and haunting melodies float over strong and intricate guitar work. This is a moment where keeping the atmosphere simple paid off well as this EP is a perfect example of atmospheric and ambient black metal done close to flawlessly. I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys great minimalist compositions mixed with amazing instrumental work and hellish vocals all mixed perfectly.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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