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Silent Images is an international band from southern Sweden, which encompasses members from Argentina, Bolivia and Singapore. Drawing influences that range from Dream Theater to Opeth, the group proves that progressive technicality prevails through musicianship and virtuosity. The self-titled release is a precursor to the full length concept album that will be based on Batman: Knightfall and the Arkham game series. That alone is enough to grab interest in anyone.

The release is three conceptual tracks that draw together the styles of progressive, death metal and thrash. The vocals are noticeably a collaboration amongst the members with a multitude of styles from screeching highs, death metal growls and even moments of sung vocals. The musicianship is incomparable to any band considering the group is relatively fresh to the music scene. It must have been fate that the group met and created this masterpiece.

When it comes to any form of death metal, it is tough to go between the genre borders and keep a fresh sound. The grooves and refreshing melodies created in this release create anticipation for the upcoming full length. Silent Images is a group that will be changing the music scene if they continue this path towards a new future of metal music.


5.0 / 5.0

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