ABANDONED BY LIGHT – And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light and Dark

Meet Karhmul, the creator behind this depressive black metal project known as Abandoned By Light residing from North Yorkshire, England who’s music is best described as depressive, hateful, lonely and loved. With the 2017’s self release of And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light and Dark this ten track, hour and nineteen minute album introduces Karhmul’s description as melancholic black metal. Right off the bat the album opens up with the glorious instrumental track Caressed by the Dying Embers which demonstrates how atmospheric and beautifully made the song is being a representation what Karhmul does instrumentally. The album continues where Melancholia left off which heavily focused on dark ambiance well as a complex approach to his own musical abilities.

But it’s safe to say Karhmul’s progression and crafted songwriting has been impressive, stronger and the statistics beyond the realms for depressive black metal is either a hit or miss but upon hearing And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light and Dark I was heavily intrigued to hear how much atmosphere within the album’s darkest, thought-provoking lyricism and commendable acts Karhmul’s contributions stood for. Even the moment you step foot into his world hearing Journey Through the Everlasting Kingdom of Bone, Eclipsed by the Bloodied Moon, Turning Towards the Black Cascade and his Ghost Bath cover for Golden Number you’ll feel suspense, shivers down your spine and spoken whispers that never has been so specially crafted. In conclusion, And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light and Dark captures the most powerful, well driven and twisted album’s within the band’s embodied work.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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