DEFILED CHRIST – Decimated Remains

Minnesota’s death metal outtfiers Defiled Christ are a upcoming underground extreme metal band who’s musical branches brings out modern and old school death metal refineries to whole new level and with 2018’s Decimated Humans this is some highly intelligent music signatures start to finish. Vocally, you’ll notice some experimented changes bringing out melody, progression and attitude as the instrumentals, production and passages are naturally organic at its best. Lyrically, this EP features lyricism based on gore, murders, Satan and cannibalism as the artwork portrays a homage to old school death metal which you usually don’t quite see anymore these days for extreme metal but these musicians are paving a way to contribute modernized death metal to another dimension. But perhaps the most highlighted moment for Decimated Remains is the passionate compositions as these Minnesotan’s have worked extremely hard to build their foundation and accomplish their authentic work and they’ve just started their sound. This is some really great stuff if you love death metal with mixtures of old school death metal and modern day artists.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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