FALLUJAH – Dreamless

Formed in 2007, from San Francisco, California Fallujah are a Technical/Progressive and Atmospheric Death Metal band who’s lyrics consists of religious fundamentals, philosophical views, nature, social failure and metaphorical physics. Released on April 29th, 2016 Dreamless is the third full-length studio album prior to 2014’s The Flesh Prevails which that album became one of the top 10 best albums I’ve heard that year. With Dreamless, they’ve taken elements of Progressive Technical Death Metal to Atmospheric passages of heavy emphasis on clean and majestic comfortable melodies with a futuristic bent to their sound preferably on tracks such as Scar Queen, The Void Alone, Face Of Death and my personal favorite being Lacuna. This album provides the listener to take many compositional images of constant rising feelings to embrace, construct and think deeply into their slick production where it truly shines throughout the whole layered complexities on this beautiful establishment. Delivering dynamic shifts of organic instrumentation, technicality and portray a shining effect-driven Progressive songwriting, Fallujah took their biggest inspirations for hypersensitive tremolo composition and take closer hypnotizing vibes where the listener can really understand their messages behind these songs are absolutely interesting and flawless. There’s even some female vocalists on Dreamless named Tori Letzler and Katie Thompson which done an absolute magnificent job balancing the emotions within the variations of the tracks.

With Dreamless, Fallujah really added more variations, complexities, instrumentals, dynamics, contrary instrumentations, stylistic and traditional Death Metal passages really seemed to become a highly ambitious and challenged resonating albums that driven into uplifting melodies, unsubsidized and atmospheric ambiance introductions. From its freshest, unadulterated and atmospheric sound inspired landscapes with symphonic proportions, The Flesh Prevails uses beauty and extremities of Extreme music while understanding the purpose this Californian band keeps roots of brutality, technicality and instrumentally Fallujah embraced greater fluctuations of impulsive, dynamic and outweighed production into three genres to create a complimented album as the songs bring out aesthetic backgrounds to greaten Fallujah’s astonishing chemistry aforementioned displaying something magnificent and signatured unique barrier sounds use ethereal Progressive Death Metal collective compositions and a atmospheric so synergistic, Dreamless is a symbolic album portraying the human mind within differential portals to give a fresh philosophical analogy what the album represents.

Overall, Dreamless by Fallujah is another beautiful continuation showcasing the band’s maturity and astonishing craftsmanship to bring out spiritual essences.

Overall score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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