Conjureth- The Parasitic Chambers Review

California’s very own Conjureth are a death metal band that are full of surprises, imagination and creativity. This new album was released through Memento Mori, The Parasitic Chambers culminated everything from their debut album and achieved that goal successfully making this album the band’s tightest and accessible records to date.

Their blend of death metal music not only surpassed my expectations, but the amount of detail, creativity, and talent on the record is absolutely flawless. I am extremely impressed by how passionate these musicians are in making such exquisite underground metal. The imagery and sophisticated nature in creating such monstrous, technical and heavily melodic driven styles of death metal is very exciting to hear and the more I hear this, the better each listen has gotten overtime.

When you have monstrous tracks such as A Blood Romance, In Mortal Thresholds and Dimensional Ascendancy, not only are you going to get influences from the Floridian and Finnish extreme metal scene but you are also going to get impressions of monstrous, chaotic, commendable and apocalyptic arrangements in which the drums are blisteringly heavy with relentless blast beats. Guitars bring a caveman styled riffage sort of a Undergang, Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation styled melodies to super guttural vocals. I get strong vibes from Demilich, Artificial Brain, Afterbirth and even some Obituary in the mix to re-create that mid to late 80’s style of extreme music that fans would love and expect.

Now, as far as the craftsmanship and tonality is concerned this record is almost like if you took  Ghoulgothaand Encoffination, put it in a blender until there’s nothing left with some ancient, mysterious, mystical and atmospheric influenced style of death metal with hints of doom, technicality and old school death metal sound. This is what Conjureth’s goal in wanting to create music for the extreme metal junkies and boy, did they really deliver it on this album.

The Parasitic Chambers is a wonderfully crafted and designed album to pay homage to the greatest and most influential bands not only Conjureth is influenced on, but for the underground scene as a whole.

Overall score


Review by Jake Butler


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