ASCENDED DEAD – Abhorrent Manifestation

Californian death metal band Ascended Dead have given us their debut full-length through Dark Descent Records titled Abhorrent Manifestation which portrays a old school death metal vibe with a chaotic, uncompromising and devastating leads of extreme musicality. From the sharp technical songwriting to the Morbid Angel inspired aggressive insanity of powerfully driven instrumentals, these Californian musicians showcases exactly what underground death metal should heavily concentrate on to create such symbolic and headbanging material. Insane guitar solos, crushing blast beats, excellent production and howling vocals reminiscing of Funebrarum, Abhorrent Manifestation takes its wonderful toll to not only create perfect compliments within the musical signatures but also maintaining their music extremely memorable.

The music is dark, chaotic, demonic, bestial and cavernous to use their own accomplishments to risen up from the grave and translates the lyrical interpretations into spastic, unholy and runaway savagery into its finest hour.
If you’re into Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation or any Old School Death Metal bands from the early to mid 90’s Abhorrent Manifestation is certainly worth the album discovering to treat your ears meaty and horrific.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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