DESOLATE SHRINE – Deliverance From The Godless Void

Finnish Death Metal outfitters Desolate Shrine has been a band I’m not too associated checking out their catalog but after hearing the latest full-length through Dark Descent Records entitled Deliverance From The Godless Void, boy was I in for a treat! Taking the elements of misanthropic and occultist style of death metal, Deliverance From The Godless Void is far more complex, polished and musically speaking this is the band’s most tightest material to date. Their musical compositions and deadly assaults of harsher, thicker and clogged instrumentals is something you don’t usually hear that often but Desolate Shrine does it so magnificently well. Sheer brutality, monstrous arrangements of blistering guitar tones, perfected bass structures and consolidated vocal work is nothing but exciting and beyond exhilarating. Take the tracks such as The Waters Of Man, The Silent Star, Lord of the Three Realms and opening song The Primordial One these songs draw opposite tones while retaining the beautifully arranged melodies building up suspense and anticipation.

These Finnish musicians not only found themselves how to create their own craft but the admiration and high levels of astonishing lyricism are surely but carefully keep the genre much more stylistic and creative to make Deliverance From The Godless Void a fantastically driven album. Overall, Desolate Shrine can be quite disorienting sometimes but once you hear this album prepare to strap yourselves into a universe so dynamically generated you’ll be connected into the steadiness of telekinesis and the band’s tendency for old school death metal has never sounded so authentically well done.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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