CRYPTUM – Vile Emergence

I’m always a appreciative person when I see new and upcoming extreme metal artists within the underground spectrum of music to really give it all they got and provide amazing qualities of musical varieties and wonders. Meet Cryptum, a death metal band formed in 2020 from Illinois have released the debut EP from Caligari Records titled Vile Emergence. Musically, it may just be a standard meat and potato type of album but with their style combining elements of death and thrash metal, they’ve encapsulated their influences and really brought something unique and creative to the table. For only a short demonstrative act like Cryptum is concerned, this is as heavy as you can fully expect it.

From the Exodus style of Dead Celestial Bodies to the pummeling, yet brutalized arrangements of the title track Vile Emergence, you get a wide range of different musical components in which this is a four track EP bringing all sorts of fundamentals and I really do believe this is a band to keep a close eye on things. Even the opening track Torrent Of Infinite Time reminded me a cross hybrid of Immolation, Suffocation and Pestilence in which not only this perfectly fits the atmosphere of the record but rather keeping the timed signatures, heart-stopping melodies and the instrumentals give it a raw and abrasive tone making this EP have its own advantage. Vile Emergence is a well compromised and consolidated offering to showcase their instability and dedication for extreme music.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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