SUCCUMB TO DEMISE – Constructed Of Abstract Matter

Technical death metal can get very brutal. When bands choose to go down this route of the subgenre have to try and balance the technical death metal along with the brutality. Succumb to Demise is a band that attempts to do this, and does so very well. Their recent album, titled “Constructed of Abstract Matter” released in December, and showed off a nice balance of technical riffs and brutality. “Rid the Existence” opens up the album with some very techy guitar, before getting heavy. This track is really fast-paced, and has some really nice writing. The production on here is also worth noting, as it’s not over produced, but allows the music to go right in your face. “Infatuation of Flesh” opens up and immediately gets really heavy, and features some nice technical riffs. This song is intense and maintains a fast pace throughout.

Next is “Purifier”, and this one opens up with a heavy section, and continues the solid writing with tech riffs. “Degradation of Humanity” slows down the pace a bit, and features some nice deep vocals, while continuing the trend of nice writing. Up next is “Blessed for Your God”, and this one opens with a nice guitar section, before launching into a song that is heavy and fast. The good writing continues on this song, and the lead guitar is nice as well. “Plague the Masses” has a very heavy opening with some nice riffs. It continues being heavy throughout, and features some real techy guitar. “Lucid Engineering” has a fast and heavy opening, and continues the tight writing. This song is fairly chuggy and is probably the heaviest song on the album. “This album ends on “Constructed of Abstract Matter”, and has a very fast and heavy intro, and features some very techy guitar. This song is heavy as hell, and gets chuggy towards the end. This album is really good. If you like extreme metal, especially techy riffs, don’t miss this.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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