ABOLISH THE IGNOMINIOUS – Vociferous Obsolescence

At the end of every year, there are usually a couple releases that go under people’s radar. As the lists full of great releases are compiled and shared, new albums must compete with the past 11 months of releases, and usually lose. One of the bands that suffered from this is Abolish the Ignominious, whose debut album “Vociferous Obsolescence” came out in mid-December. The band has a sound that takes brutal death metal, and adds a little bit of grind, mixed with a raw production value to make a solid product. “Born into False Exaltation” is the opener on this album, and begins with an ambient intro before launching into the first taste of the band’s death metal style. The production is raw, the guitars heavy, and the vocals deep and nasty. “Animosity Path” is the follow up, and has a really nice opening riff, and overall boasts some really solid writing. The pace is slowed down a bit than the previous one, allowing for the writing to not tire itself.

This is followed up by “Embracing Death, Abandon Life”, which opens fast and heavy. The guitar on here has a haunting sensation, and the writing is well-done, ending on a slow chugging section. “The Ones That Perished” is a very short track, at around 2 minutes, and focuses almost solely on just being as brutal as possible. Next is “Tormenting Depression”, a song that continues being heavy as hell. The riffs and writing on this song are solid, and continues this album solid run. “Abolishing the Ignominious” ends this album, and does so on a nice note. The opening riff is well done, it’s brutal, brings in some grind influence, and leaves room for some chugging. This is a solid album. Personally, I didn’t find the production fitting, and at times the album feels like brutality is the first and only objective, causing it to feel like it’s trying too hard. However, if you like this style of raw and heavy death metal, this is well done, and deserves for you to at least scope it out.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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