EARTH ROT – Black Tides Of Obscurity

Australia’s metal scene has been blowing through the roof with some big hitters in the world of today’s music scene. From bands such as Portal, Disentomb, Thy Art Is Murder, Impetuous Ritual, Parkway Drive, Ne Oblivscaris and many more comes a blackened death metal band known as Earth Rot with 2020’s Season Of Mist release of Black Tides Of Obscurity. Now, I’m not extremely familiar with the band’s history nor have I heard much of their music but let me say that after hearing couple tracks off on the album, I became a fan almost immediately seeing the killer artwork and style they’re heading into.

Clocking in over 45 minutes in length and featuring 10 tracks, it features haunting bleakness of shell-shocked anthems of death and mystical themed lyricism that are very well written and engaging to analyze. Musically, the instrumentation work sounds incredibly clear, production is absolutely fantastic and the tracks displayed perfectly gestured just fine while adding sheer immensity and brutality featuring their inspiration for extreme metal.

Songs such as Unparalleled Gateways To Higher Obliteration, Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity, Dread Rebirth, and Serpent’s Ocean showcases fast, diabolical and polarized signatures that makes the album balanced, executed and extremely well polished. From the layered growls, commanding assaults, viscous technicality and formidable instrumentals are garnered, mixed and produced phenomenally well to the highly interested and qualified instruments while the atmospheres, heaviness, complexities and pinpoints of brilliancy, there’s hardly anything that is carried away showing nothing but pure excellence and brilliance with hints of atmosphere. Black Tides Of Obscurity is a album that will please to satisfy any fans of blackened death metal if you’re looking for a accessible, engaging and artistic albums in 2020.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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