NIGHTMARE CANVAS – Nightmare Canvas

Texas’ death/thrash metal band Nightmare Canvas is a band came out of nowhere within the extreme metal scene and created a destructive monster debut full-length that will satisfy and pleasure metalheads to the fullest. Over an hour long of crushing music, the songwriting and lyrical content is top notch as this band surely knows what they’re fully capable of doing outside the box to incorporate multiple layers of vicious images that’s going to skull fuck your mind front to back. […]



LIVE AT AMSTERDAM BAR & HALL in ST. PAUL, MN | May 26, 2018 As Minnesota got hit with a massive heat wave, I had the pleasure to experience winter one more time over the weekend, as Insomnium brought their Winter’s Gate Tour to St. Paul. Also on the bill were tour mates Oceans of Slumber, as well as local bands AfterTime and Auridius. This show was a blast, with a varied lineup of many different genres and plenty of […]


CRURIFRAGIUM – Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan

There’s not many black/death bands within the extreme metal community that can create vicious imagery and portraying darkness upon the everlasting realms of chaotic and animalistic musical horizons. Meet Crurifragium, a upcoming local band hailing from my hometown based in Washington State as their music influences ranges from Archgoat, Black Witchery, Revenge and Blasphemy but featuring a raw, old school and symbolic satanic driven themed hybrid fusions of black and death metal. Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan is a […]



We took a moment to speak with the progressive death metal kings KROSIS about their music and what they like out there in the metal realm! MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band: KROSIS: Hello, I’m Daniel and I play drums for Krosis! MPM: How did Krosis formed? KROSIS: Our 2 guitarists had a project before Krosis was really a thing called Above the Tides, and I had played several shows with them while I was […]


HUMAN WORMS – Limbless At Birth

Few things are as divisive as slam metal. The genre has its die hard supporters and detractors, or people like me, who listen to it every so often. Humans Worms are an up and coming band who recently released the EP titled “Limbless At Birth”, which while it falls into some of the conventions of slam, is a solid effort by a band that definitely has talent. The title track, “Limbless At Birth” opens this album up, and does so […]



Blackened thrash is one of the best genre hybrids metal has to offer. Both genres have a lot to lend to each other, and when combined, create a really good sound. Nocturnal Graves are a blackened thrash metal band who just released a new album called “Titan”, and album that whole not perfect, shows the strengths of this hybrid very well. “Resistance” is the opening song on the album, and a dark one at that. The production fits the music […]



LIVE AT THE ECHOPLEX in Los Angeles, CA | May 20, 2018 For anyone who is a fan of folk metal, this is a dream tour that finally came to be. To start this show off right, Los Angeles’ own VALKYRIUM brought the hammer of the gods upon the crowd with their unique sound and mysticism. With the use of powerful female vocals by both lead vocalist Nikki Kegan and bassist Jenny Rose and the harsh growls of guitarist William Kota, […]


WOLVHAMMER – The Monuments Of Ash & Bone

Black metal is something generally associated with Europe, which is why it’s so refreshing when a great black metal project is from the United States. Wolvhammer are a black metal band that bring in hints of sludge to create a great sound, and their new album, “The Monuments of Ash & Bone” is one of the best released so far this year. “Eternal Rotting Misery” opens this beast, and does so with a dark ambiance that sets the tone of […]


SKINLESS – Savagery

Brutal death metal is just that, brutal. Many bands use this as a crutch for their music, but other bands, like Skinless, use it as a backbone to their sound. Their new album “Savagery” is just that, a brutal album that is more than a typical brutal death album. The title track, “Savagery” opens the album up, and does so with an ambient intro before launching into the first of many brutal riffs featured on this album. The writing is […]


AT THE GATES – To Drink From The Night Itself

One of the pioneers from the Gothenburg death metal sound At The Gates returned to full force four years prior to the last album At War With Reality. This time around, they’ve marked a new chapter while keeping the traditional melodic death metal sound fans come to know and love with 2018’s newest record To Drink From The Night Itself. At the Gates make a triumphant return to the melodic death metal scene with such history that contributed to the […]