MESHUM – Enigmatic Existential Essence

If Putridity, Molested Divinity and Disgorge (USA) went to create a supergroup to create sickening, vile and putrid style of brutal death metal from Turkey, it be Meshum and the debut full-length Enigmatic Existential Essence released on New Standard Elite. For a one-man project this is very impressive brutal death metal that is heavily influenced by Cenotaph, another killer band from Turkey which demonstrates and crushes the competition with aggressiveness, heaviness and monstrosity written all over on the album front to back. With this album, it has everything a brutal death metal fan would love and come to expect terms of musical professionalism, compositions, production, songwriting and became a destructive listening front to back.

Enigmatic Existential Essence is a record showcasing groovy, vicious instrumentals, scattered melodies and bone-crushing chemistry that are fantastically driven beginning to end. All these songs contain delivery, deliverance, consistency and writing some nasty fillers throughout the beginning to end on the album and needless to say, Erkin Öztürk who’s the man behind Meshum has done such a splendid job balancing variations upon hearing this album. Erkin also taken elements of technical and slam making the lyricism on the album stronger, intelligent and beautifully designed as the production introduces a new evolution for the band which is a highlighted feature for this album. From the everlasting intersections of distinctive barriers that’s insanely heavy, he’s taking next natural steps to such great heights, every instrumentation work is accessible, emotional and implemented haunting sequences to drive such understanding, and impressive releases in extreme metal today.

Enigmatic Existential Essence not just a album to bring out all heaviness factors to the table, Enigmatic Existential Essence brings the most impressive, engaging, organic, and melodic signature pieces of music Erik has done to date and it really proves that extreme music offers such diversity into one gigantic wave making everything from the tracks, melodic chord progressions, technical brutal death metal-esque drumming, sweeping guitars, monstrous vocals and brutalized breakdowns of slamming forces not to be reckoning with definitely takes the toll to highest peak of the mountain and have continued to impressed me once again to prove why Meshum created a characterized album that promises to entertain extreme metal fans with naturalistic musical compositions and taking compassionate lyricism to the deepest and storytelling albums you’ll hear from 2021.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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