RITUAL NECROMANCY – Disinterred Horror

Oregon based outfitters Ritual Necromancy are a upcoming death metal band who’s music have been honing their song-writing skills while showcasing their bludgeoning soundscapes and with 2018’s Dark Descent Records release of Disinterred Horror, this is a record you must dive in to witness catastrophe and brutality. Ritual Necromancy dust off their favorite Incantation albums and make their attempt to traverse the same, oozing, sludgy, and doom-infested waters of the pioneers before them with their latest effort Disinterred Horror. Right off the bat, their musical components brings the doom-y, cavernous sounds and they switched things a tad bit from feral and blasting to funeral-esque crawling within the span of one song, while hitting the tempos in between as necessary is surely a decent thing.

All five songs throughout this album tend to be on the lengthier side of things, other than the notable 4.5 minute ripper track of Command the Sigil,” to the darkened and sinistered 11 minute song of “Cymbellum Eosphorous,” which seems to relish the sinister and slow riffs as it descends into a bit of madness and maintained a similar approach prior to their last record. Disinterred Horror still has a healthy running time of almost 40 minutes as the listener is subjected to a batch of fiendish death metal drenched in atmosphere.

This is heavy, aggressive death metal, strongly reminiscent of more contemporary designs and framework as the leads cut deep, the bass rumbles with precision and the percussion punches so hard in the face your face will shatter with thundering delight. Disinterred Horror is one hell of a noisy record to contend with and if you’re fans of Incantation and traditional death metal, you’re going to find something here.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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