REVOCATION – The Outer Ones

Revocation are a technical death metal band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts consistently deserves major levels of higher advantages of success in today’s modern metal scene. Now with Metalblade Records, The Outer Ones is what I considered to be the band’s best material to date. This album demonstrates a stronger core fanbase with elemental twists on technical death metal while incorporating jazz fusions and thrash. They’ve also combined capabilities, precision and loose flairs setting them apart so uniquely. Their technical death edge firmly sits naturally as they intentionally grow as musical prodigies.

These tracks have more thoughtful quality, organic scorched atmosphere and melody with everlasting classic metal vibe of the structured guitars. Musically, it follows right where 2016’s Great Is Our Sin left off and The Outer Ones feels more traditional death metal than any other album they’ve ever done in the twelve years this band’s been around making solid albums perfecting it to the best of their own ability. There’s also more clean singing which isn’t entirely a huge change but vocalist David Davidson continues to show his thrashy styled vocals while balancing out the technical death metal signatures he’s known doing.

Some tracks are slightly straightforwardly outing resulting the importance of no radio friendly singing after hearing this album front to back. Tracks such as Of Unworldly Origin, A Starless Darkness, That Which Consumes All Things and Ex Nihilo remind me of older Gojira which adds brighter touches on greater emphasis on melodically and atmospherically. This ultitizes a retrospective introspection of fantastic production which overall interwoven the qualities of thrash, technical death and jazzy vibes mixes the provisions Deathless contains. Influenced by Megadeth, Metallica, Dark Angel, Exodus and Steve Vai, Deathless by Revocation creates borderline essential heaviness and brutality of opening passages of background intelligence of thrash riffing , punishing drum beats, bouncy grooves and diabolical singing energy.

These onslaughts of continuous infectious results surely captivates success and possesses crunching inspired Pantera-esque pyrotechnic guitars. Their entire sections alone focuses natural compositions and components immerses machine gun rapid assaults and growth this band should applaud themselves for making The Outer Ones a standout release. If you enjoyed their past material , look no more because The Outer Ones is easily Revocation’s Best and well crafted albums since 2009’s Existence Is Futile. It’s that amazing!

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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