Beyond Creation are a progressive/technical death metal band hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada formed in 2005. With some minor lineup changes, Algorythm is the third full-length prior to 2014’s astonishing effort of Earthborn Evolution. Beyond Creation has gained exposure when 2011’s The Aura was released through Season Of Mist and made a name for themselves in the progressive and technical death metal community. This time around, Algorythm continues where Earthborn Evolution left off and has received much anticipation and grew simultaneously as one side claiming to be a self-contained masterpiece and other actually fall somewhere in between.

There’s moments of brilliance, original ideas, technical prowess and soullessness that the majority of flaws are plagued upon fixed improvements. This time around these French Canadians have released stronger tracks that are not only forced down, but the songwriting definitely improved tenfold and this album has more presentable instrumentals and audibility to assist compositions showcasing greater senses of variations. Lyrically, they undoubtedly created important pieces of music as the songwriting manages to be extremely compelling and done a magnificent job where the progressive extreme natures of structures lead to meandering, sophisticated and chasm still retaining complex, progression and much more emotion certainly ever lost their direction compared to past releases.

Songs on Algorythm features smooth textures, reminiscent jazz complexities, flowing and naturally crafted instrumentation and composition is the main focus to rely and construct such great heights they’ve proved to become a potential artist. From melodic styles, histrionic personalities, extensive transitions and simpler, predictable and experimented progressive and technical death metal contributions, this is an album I truly think they’ve not only evolved themselves to grow more matured, but this is passion at finest. Algorythm portrays attention, detail and the everlasting musical talent has never been stronger and fierce than anything Beyond Creation has put out in their career.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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