DISPERSED – Where Silence Reigns

What do you get when you feature members from Relics Of Humanity, 7 H.Target and Ominous Scriptures to form such a killer and distinctive style of brutal death metal hailing from Belarus/Russia and is released through the amazing label of New Standard Elite with the debut full-length album Where Silence Reigns? Well, truth be told you have a upcoming brutal death metal band known as Dispersed and as someone who’s been a longtime fan of New Standard Elite and enjoyed every band is released on the roster, Dispersed has got the sickest, most catching and comforting signatures within the genre I’ve heard in quite awhile.

Where Silence Reigns introduces pulverize guitars, menacing gutturals, destructive blast beats, sheer annihilation and contributed themselves to make the brutal death metal stronger, angrier and hungrier. This is a album storming the pure brilliance of these musicians dedication for extreme metal to attempt and construct such blasphemous musicality. Each element these tracks bring out to the game from the drowned atmospheric passages, infected swarms of disgusting slam oriented fillers and the chemistry behind the band is incredibly monumental as Isolation continues to pave the way for the genre keeping it fresh, naturalistic and overly frantic.

Just moments you tracks such as Cold Chambers, Mist, Soul Paralysis and Glimpse Of The Beyond to the violent and chaotic compositions of the title track Where Silence Reigns, these guys taken their finest craft to date and have combined a submissive, ruthless and mental festivities that submerges into a manifested and infested world that’s circling every corner, step and songs provided within the album’s lyricism which ranges anywhere from gore, murder, sodomy and other metaphorical content which is not suitable for the faint of heart.

This album also has a dark, eerie and heavy emphasis of united generated pieces of music that penetrates your brain and have rightfully earned themselves to be a huge name years down the road for the brutal death metal scene. Where Silence Reigns simply takes the modern brutal death metal sound and have rightfully earned themselves to be a huge name years down the road. From the barbaric territories of blast beat drumming, disgustingly wicked styled vocals and thick guitars with the perfected instrumental compliment each other, this album created a force that’s enjoyable, substantial, sentimental and very well interpreted based upon my enjoyment of the record. Where Silence Reigns is a well executed and crafted album that’ll make any fans within the brutal death metal community feel welcomed to hear such monstrous and blasphemous musicality.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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