We got to speak with Sergey Liakh from Dispersed!

MPM: Hello Sergey, how are you doing today during these unprecedented times we live in and those unaware who you are, could you introduce yourself to what you do in the band?

D: Hey! I am ok, man. Living through these dismal times, I am always trying to motivate myself to work on new sick music and keep the things up. For Dispersed I am doing vocals, I recorded the bass in studio and also I did the mixing/mastering for the album.

MPM: Dispersed was formed around in 2020 during the pandemic and the band released the debut full-length album titled Where Silence Reigns. Could you tell us how the album process started and was it a hard challenge to write the album?

D: To describe it clean I need to say that Ruslan, the guitarist and main composer, is the one of my oldest friends. We tried to record something together almost 20 years ago, when we were school bois, using the cassette tape recorder. It was kids tryouts, but I love these memories. I was always thinking about creation of some project together in last years, and pandemic situation motivated me, because I was not too much busy with my main band. I asked if Vlad, the drummer want to be the part of it and he said yes.
Ruslan had a lot of sick riffs and I just helped him to create the completed tracks. Than we send the preproductions to Vlad and he nailed the drums. After it we were back to recording of guitars and vocals, mixed it and released it) And you know what, we fucking love the result)

MPM: The album is released through New Standard Elite and being a huge fan I am from the label, how was the relationship like and being signed to the sickest brutal death metal bands in today’s scene?

D: You know man, NSE is the family! Daniel unites the most brutal acts from all over the world and being signed with NSE its kind of verification, that you doing the heaviest stuff on planet Earth and doing it right. Everything were supercool and we are extremely happy how things are going so far.

MPM: You’re also in handful of other killer projects such as Relics Of Humanity and Ominous Scriptures which both bands are absolutely flawless. Are there any news or discussions about a new album from either band?

D: Yes man! Both bands creating new albums and plans to release it next year. I really enjoyed how the new stuff of these bands is turning out and can’t wait to share it with the people.

MPM: Dispersed is a international based project residing from Belarus and Russia. How would you say the music scene is like over in those areas compared to other countries worldwide?

D: I can proudly say that Russia and Belarus have some of the strongest brutal acts in the world nowadays and the scene keeps growing. I cant say anything about the whole music thing here, cause I am not much interested in not death metal stuff. But probably its useful to note that in Europe/US metal scene formed and progressed for a long time. Here we have only few decades of history because it was not possible to play metal in USSR because of censorship.

MPM: What tracks off on Where Silence Reigns you feel is your most proudest and favored in terms of the lyrics and meaning behind the track?

D: We are proud of every song but my personal favorites are “Eternally Lurking Behind” and “Servants Of Nothingness”. The lyrics is about all the paranormal things around us. IN general “Where silence reigns” is about Realm for souls, where they are condemned to keep silence forever and every sound they make is punishable with pain, that they also need to suffer with silence. The artwork is also showing how souls are coming in. Also every song have some story inside.

MPM: Since shows are starting to slowly come back across North America, what bands would you like to tour with when the world is back on its feet again?

D: Unmerciful, Defeated Sanity, Condemned, Devangelic, Darkall Slaves, Depulsed, Trichomoniasis, Iniquitous Deeds and any other band from NSE roster

MPM: What was your biggest motivation in creating such blasphemous and chaotic sounds of brutal death metal and what inspired yourself to be a musician you’re in today?

D: I always liked these dark, blasphemous aspects in music or other kind of art. As it was before and it stay the same today, the biggest inspiration to create brutal death metal is the listening to brutal death metal. I just want to be somewhere around with my stuff)

MPM: What’s your overall stance on people buying music digitally versus hard copies like vinyl and CD’s?

D: Only respect. In my opinion no matter which way you helps and support bands you like. If it keeps bands alive, you can buy whatever you want.

MPM: Are there any upcoming releases in 2021 you’re looking forward to hearing?

D: Everything NSE is cooking, also I am following the updates of Willowtip, Dark Descent, Profound Lore and trying to check all the releases they are putting out.

MPM: What are some of your favorite hobbies to do in spare time that fans don’t know about you?

D: In last years I focused on sound-producing, mixing, mastering, sound-designs. Some sport practice like boxing and workout, also like to watching MMA fights and I am painting time after time. And I am in car tuning a little bit)

MPM: Since you’re a vocalist, did you ever take music lessons or were you self taught and learned pieces of music by ear?

D: I must say I did vocals during all my music career. I did a lot of back vocals on debut Relics Of Humanity, than I recorded full vocals part for Relics promo 2013 cause we had no vocalist at that time, may 50% of vocals on second full-length of Relics Of Humanity are mine. In Ominous Scriptures I did 50% of vocals for both albums. So it was not a big deal to do the job for Dispersed record. I did not take any lessons, just doing it how I feel it. Hope its not sounds too terrible)

MPM: What advice could you give to upcoming bands that are wanting to start making music to assist them to grow further everyday?

D: Just love what you do, and do what you love. In the end only passion is the fuel to create the new tunes. It works for me anyway)

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview, I like to thank you for your time and privilege to do this. Are there any last words you like to say to your fans or information can be discussed to wrap up?

D: Thank you man for great interview, I had a really good time answering these questions. Keep it brutal, Stay Real, Hail Satan!




Interview by Jake Butler


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