INSECT INSIDE – The First Shining Of New Genus

In Soviet Russia, the brutal death metal powerhouse Insect Inside controls you. Nah really, talk about a upcoming band who’s album is released through Gorehouse Productions who’s got some balls and monstrosity to unleash disgusting pieces of brutal death metal that is infected, disastrous and maddening all around. The First Shining Of New Genus takes the core elements of groovy, tight guitar melodies, fast drumming and visceral vocals sounding furious and inhuman from the bowels of hell, this album demonstrated both the brutality and excellence of technical proficiencies but this time around, they’ve got the job done so well and these songs have never sounded so polished, clean and razor sharp as someone who enjoys most of the bands on the roster.

From it’s grotesque album artwork, pummeling instrumentations, assaulted double bass giving a punchy and groovy oriented style and vocals bringing the guttural lows and high pitched screams sounding like a disembowled creature from the jungle, these songs provide a personality so deciphering that you will likely change your headphones more than once to witness such claustrophobia and fear all around. But the moments you hear Evisceration Through The Throat, Posthumous Grief and Embalming for Chrysalis to the twisted and tormented arrangements of Sickening Ground I don’t think you can get anything heavier, groovier and as consistent much as this album.

But on the brighter side terms of the musical compositions and stylistic approach, the album’s lyricism is absolutely intelligent as not only the artwork represents death, and other inspired themes but this 33 minute journey takes all 10 songs the brutal death metal guitar riffage pummeling drums and explosive breakdown segments these musicians have found a sound so naturalistic that it keeps the passages more stabled and fresh without making the album a repetitive experience. The First Shining Of New Genus is surely worth your time and investment if you want your hands and feet dirty to hear a punishing record in the brutal death metal world and I know for granted this will be on repeat for days to come.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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