KVAEN – The Funeral Pyre

Sweden may have the best band’s in the world right now from Gothenburg melodic death metal, to black metal, and now we have Sweden’s Kvaen and with their 2020 release through Black Lion Records release of The Funeral Pyre, this is top notch material front to back. Adding elements of Viking and Pagan into the musicial compositions, Jakob Björnfot is the mastermind behind this one person project who does everything from vocals, bass, drums, programming, mixing, mastering, guitars you name it, he’s doing it all. Tracks such as Revenge By Fire, The Wolves Throne and Hymn to Kvaenland give a relentless style of black metal and very little hintful traces of speed metal that brings out a Destroyer 666 and Nifelheim vibe does manage to keep the atmosphere and production fluent and crystal sharp. Even the structures, 80’s inspired melodies, 90’s black metal signatures and with a modern twist to the mixture, this record has got it all that even I, myself have been pleasantly surprised with this particular album and it’s seriously a good thing.

This album is basically taking myself filled in a imaginative forest through the deepest, most luxurious and beautifully designed mountains and over the top deep valleys that are not only atmospheric which the album penetrates on, but it makes the dynamics, compositions and brilliant instrumentals be audible in the mix where there’s no sort of repetitiveness during the beginning and end of this album. It’s got atmospheric black, traditional and revisiting the early days of Dissection esque melodic black metal influence is like the perfect marriage of spellbinding magic and pagan church burning worshippers that’ll make any fans of black metal feel comfortable at home. The Funeral Pyre is a album featuring the most vibrant, substantial, atmospheric, and thrilling black metal releases I’ve heard in recent memory that’ll satisfy fans of Black Metal with excellent vibes of atmosphere and melody.


Overall score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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