VILEMASS – Gore Weed Distortion

Do not listen to the intro stoned, shit had me trippin’ out! Any who, when I came across this gem I immediately knew by the cover art that I need to spark up a bowl before giving this the review it deserves so here I am…ready to give you the scoop on Vilemass’ new album “Gore Weed Distortion,” which dropped on the Cult of Parthenope record label February 27th of 2021.

So ‘Perverse Affliction’ and ‘Fire on the end’…Fire on End is an all out jam fest with the minus of vocals on this track It really displays the bands sound through the album all combined into one jam to end the album and I loved it, the guitar riffs will have you hooked while the drums go aggressive with that head bang vibe to it. Now ‘Perverse Affliction’ is one of the heaviest songs on the album IMO, with a gnarly breakdown that had me cranking my neck to the guitars slamming that whammy bar.

‘Carnage By Slut’ on the other hand features more of the bands groovy side, while still being aggressive this and ‘Blaze to Sanity’ are very groove metal type songs mixed into that aggressive style they bring through the whole album. The heaviest track in this album has to go to ‘Murderous Insanity’ from to finish the boys go hard on this one, the drums per minute is right where I like it…high AF, but I will say ‘Fire on Apocalypse’ is also one of the heaviest but features more groove in it than ‘Murderous Insanity’.

The intro had me tripping out, it’s creepy I’m just going to be completely honest I may just be too soft I don’t know BUT it indeed blends nicely into the opening track ‘Beast Of No Land’ which in my honest opinion sounds like an all out free for all, it’s groovy but heavy, overly aggressive at times, all the way until he very last second it didn’t stop which I would call a top tier song in my personal playlist. ‘Made of Lies’ features more of a gloomy dark metal feel, slower riffs and drums in comparison to the rest of the album but one of my favorites.

‘Gore Weed Distortion being the title track was by far my least favorite because I don’t promote drummer cruelty and the guy never stopped…don’t do my mans like that! He went hard the whole rest of the album and then you hit him with this aggressive storm for 4:17 minutes and at the end I figured maybe just maybe he would chill but no the song ends heavier than it began and it’s drum work deserves to be recognized.




Overall Score: 7.0/10
Reviewed by Ryan Arcicovich


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