NEPHILIM GRINDER – Spiritual Torment

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, well in that case if you answer yes, chances are you’re absolutely correct and for that. Nephilim Grinder is a new band I’ve came across recently as I been wanting a new brutal death metal band to checkout and man, I wasn’t let down at all. Spiritual Torment is the debut full-length by the band and is released on Unmatched Brutality Records. Needless to say, Nephilim Grinder’s musical style heavily relies on technical and brutal death metal signatures and for a two piece band that uses uncompromising, authentic and stabilized instrumentals to keep the album on a nice rotation front to back is surely worth every penny and for that I’m a fan of this project.

This album not only gathered incredible amounts of impressive instrumentation work but also contributed a atmosphere so impressive and pummeling, the members took inspiration for their devoted craft and have made a album that engages the listener to strap themselves into the deepest core from the bowels of hell. With only 11 tracks and clocking in around 23 in a half minutes in length, this album features blistering, complimented, twisted and wasting no time on their hands to create a creation that’s highly fractional for the brutal death metal community.

The moments you hear songs such as One Thousand Limbs, Surgical Worship, Demonic Flesh Ritual and Dimensional Ripper, the songs contains razor-sharped technical patterns of vicious guitars, dynamic signatures from the drums, complex and executed bass tones and vocal work keeps the progression on the album diving into the stratosphere on how much the mixtures and technicality represented here is nothing but excellent. Spiritual Torment is a album emerges the listener to get a sense what the genre is fully capable of for the brutal death metal scene.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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