CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION – Requiems Of The Ignominious

Gorehouse Productions has always been, and is forever in my top five favorite labels in extreme metal music. Specializing in brutal death metal, the label has introduced me to a whole new chapter of the genre from Party Cannon, Atoll, Carnal Blasphemy and Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy, we have the newest offering from Texas’ very own Cesspool Of Corruption and the debut full-length released on Gorehouse Productions titled Requiems Of The Ignominious. Musically, this band plays in the veins of death metal but they also incorporate different hybrids of extreme music anywhere from melodic death metal to even technical brutal death metal as if I were to describe their sound it be taking elements of Ritual era of The Black Dahlia Murder, the vocals giving a Job For A Cowboy influence, drumming reminiscing of Origin and early Decrepit Birth with a much more cohesive, contemporary and consistent style of death metal.

Needless to say, Cesspool Of Corruption’s style of music is very interesting so to speak and by definition of that I do mean this band in particular surely know how to perform and execute such brilliant components and the amount of instrumentals they’ve provided to the listener is full of captivity and uniqueness which oddly enough many bands on the brutal death metal spectrum they always rely on heavy drum fills, groove arrangements and complexity here and there but Cesspool Of Corruption’s way of playing death metal is taking the best of the best and this is what Requiems Of The Ignominious is in store.

The band members are not only extremely talented in terms of musical professionalism and consistency, but rather keeping things short, simple and straightforward as I truly feel that the track structures and accentuate passages hearing this record on multiple listens, I’ve noticed that they’ve been experimenting some melodic death metal tendencies specifically on songs like Disfigurement of Idolization, Requiems of the Ignominious and Consuming the Diminished for example they’ve added their own formula and soundscapes by introducing the listener to some kickass guitar melodies, infectious vocals, drumming being fast, mid-paced and progressive at times, bass work is audible where you can hear the notes fine as it should be and the production on this album keeps the textures fresh and the overall experience on the record really seemed to me that for only having this being their debut full-length, I can definitely see where they’re heading into far as the tonality is concerned. Requiems Of The Ignominious scratches to be the most persistent, technical and melodically driven extreme metal albums of 2021 and if you’re looking for a record that shows a sludgy and bludgeoning pieces of death metal, then Requiems Of The Ignominious is for you.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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