SAPROGENOUS – Festering In Putrid Spoilage

I wasn’t sure of the last time I reviewed something just purely heavy and disgusting until today listening to Kansas’ Saprogenous and their new album Festering In Putrid Spoilage,  which was released August 24th 2021 via Shattered Dreams Productions. This is goregrind at it’s rawest, most barbaric and heaviest form. The vocals are straight from the bowels of hell, the riffs are crunchy and sludgy and the drums are like a pummeling assault on the ears but holy crap is this good!

Musically, the riffs range between being fast and precise to slow and bouncy, much like if Torsofuck and Mortician had a demon spawn of an offspring. The vocals are just pure otherworldly with so many different ranges of chaotic guttural goodness. Tracks like Liquified Entrails, Chainsawed Fingers and Bones, Deboned and in Paste Form…well this whole album actually flows effortlessly into seeping sewage of raw, putrid heaviness.

Now I’m not the best at judging goregrind, deathgrind or any of the other similar genres but I personally say this is probably one of the best I have heard yet. From beginning to end of this album, I had plenty of moments I wanted to stomp along like a caveman and throw things around the office. I highly recommend checking out Festering In Putrid Spoilage by Saprogenous if you like your metal heavy, aggressive, gory and just plain brutal.



Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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