CAVEMAN CULT – Blood And Extinction

As many more bands on the horizon in the extreme metal community continuously to make waves within the underground scene, Florida’s Caveman Cult are back with a brand new offering titled Blood And Extinction which is released through Nuclear War Now Productions. Now, Caveman Cult has been a band that I haven’t been paying attention by any means but after listening to this behemoth of a album, it intrigued me to check back to their other releases and let bygones be bygones, this is absolutely one of the most grindy, blackened and very death inspired albums I’ve heard this band has done to date. Their style for extreme metal takes a lot of influences from the war metal era from Blasphemy, Revenge, Sarcofago and Bestial Warlust as these musicians destroyed any semblance of reasonings in which my take, their blend of combining death and black metal infused together is so perfectly well done as I truly feel this band needs to be discussed more within the metal community on how compassionate these Floridans takes the listener on a not so journey to hear music so chaotic, so raw and eviscerated that I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard a band in the war metal scene sounded this fantastic in years.

What’s even special about Blood And Extinction is that not only the band only produced and recorded the album themselves in the blink of a eye, but this is bar none one of the most relentless and suffocating releases Caveman Cult has ever done. Now, Caveman Cult’s lyrical content is pretty typical and common if you know exactly what their ideologies are about in this case their themes range anywhere from Warfare, Barbarity and Savagery but I feel that there’s moments on the album where I feel they also incorporated some grindcore and noise-esque style sound almost in the veins of India’s Tetragrammacide, but Caveman Cult’s musical approach and contents this album contains is sensational and a work out of art.

From the moments you hear songs like Bestial Carnage, Violencia arraigada and Putrid Earth you’ll get guitars, drums, vocals, bass and production sounding so militaristic, ferocious and the group’s ability to create their homage of wide musical influences and comforts and ugly riffage of the guitars alone just comes to show that Caveman Cult are a unstoppable force of nature. However, the primitive attacks on the second half of the album starts to get more interesting, more intense, more energetic as the members truly shine their finest craft to date as Blood And Extinction will draw many fans of the blackened death and war metal fans alike not only will find something to enjoy out of this album, but Blood And Extinction is only the beginning of these Floridans to see what future material will sound like for years to come.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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