MALEFIC THRONE – Malefic Throne

Featuring members from Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Angelcorpse, Malefic Throne is a upcoming three piece death metal band that formed in 2020 during the unprecedented times around the summer season during the pandemic. When I first heard this band has Steve Tucker from Morbid Angel, John Longstreth of Origin and Gene Palubicki of Perdition Temple in creating a band together, immediately I jumped on board and lord behold this is just blasphemous, chaotic and destructive in which I’m all settled the score in hearing fiery and furious fusions of unadulterated sounding death metal.

Released on Hells Headbangers, this debut full-length is just about everything a death metal fan like myself has been wanting. Its heavy, blisteringly-fast, groovy at times and the amount of detail and progressiveness in which the band members were able to demonstrate and provide music that’s extreme and in awe, I knew I was getting my anticipation for this record to be excellence and ecstatic. Just close to 20 minutes in duration, this 4 track record provides the listener into this monstrous, technical, old school infused style of death metal to basically give all the members their finest contributions possible. Whether it be the frantic drum patterns, or the eviscerating guitars to the tonality of the bass giving it a nice punch and the vocals ranging this apocalyptic, aggravated and commendable leads are just filled with such filth and spiciness making me wanting more for future material since it is that darn impressive.

There are moments where some of the songs give it a blackened death metal passage and have these eerie yet thrashy arrangements almost giving me a God Dethroned, Vital Remains and Blasphemy sort of edge where the atmosphere gives it that bone-chilling sort of production which is absolutely sensational. Malefic Throne’s self titled is just the beginning for this upcoming and rising extreme metal outfit and I see greater things looking brighter for this project in the near future.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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