OBSELITE – Ghost//Hack

When I was a teenager back in the day being drawn to the industrial metal scene, it was like a new experience to me and I’ve been a listener to the genre for long as I can possibly remember. This band, Obselite is a industrial metal project based out of Michigan and they play this cyberpunk, thrashy and experimental style of industrial metal that not only have met with such great expectations but for a underground act been around for quite sometime have really solidified themselves to soon being a big name for the community as years go by. Their music not only is full of industrial goodness but also containing some thrash metal style arrangements and some sections give it a nu metal sort of sound in which I hear many different stylistic approaches within the programming, guitars, bass, drums and vocals all are mixed magnificently and masterfully well in which this case these members have poured their heart and soul with such great ambition and bravery to make this album a absolute pleasure listening front to back.

What I really admire about this album is the fact every track feels different and comfortable without losing its edge or pressure since it contains such high energy and the amount of creativity these musicians created is remarkable through and through. I would say tracks like Windows 90-H8, Egovirus and Only The Strong Will Survive captures the mid to late 90’s industrial metal soundscapes almost as I get a strong Fear Factory influence within the vocals giving it that technological, yet aggressive musicality giving the singing and instrumentals a chance to really showcase what its able to do.

Even the programming and mixing on this album is really decent since it balances that raw, atmospheric and dark undertone as if I felt listening to a Static-X, Ministry and early Godflesh type of record where the album slowly shifts into a thought-provoking, yet sinister like arrangements which this case the album does a great job keeping the instrumentals, fluidity, songwriting and progressiveness these songs utilized at a steady pace. Ghost//Hack is a record that will satisfy the living and fans of industrial metal should not pass this up.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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